Boredom ceased the moment I picked up a camera.  The simple act of seeing, or attempting to see things in a different way, continues to excite me after two decades of shooting.

 I am still intrigued with one of the most basic elements of photography, light.  Specifically, natural light, and more specifically, sunlight, is often my muse.  I love the way sunlight gives energy and life to a gritty, urban scene comprised of hard, inanimate surfaces.  Conversely, the way a harsh beam of light can toughen up a delicate nature scene sparks joy in me.  Using light leaks and harsh beams of light as compositional elements is also delightful, I guess because I like breaking “photography rules” like using a lens hood to avoid light leaks so the excess light will not “ruin” the picture.

I also love making photographs for the memories they are able to contain.  I am not positive if my first memories of life stem from looking through my mom’s photo albums of my childhood or if they were actual, real memories.  Growing up, I watched my mom document our lives with a camera and I watched my grandpa do the same before her.  I credit both of them for influencing me to take up photography.